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Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurship, Digital, Climate, and Business Skills Training to Build Iraq's Private Sector

Our modular approach enables us to tailor the program to different beneficiary backgrounds and profiles. In all cases participating entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills and approaches to help them startup and improve their businesses. Below are descriptions of the modules that can be combined to meet your programming needs.


Lean Business Planning

Lean business planning is closely linked with the lean start-up movement and replaces the traditional bulky, unnecessarily complex business plan with a much shorter, easier-to-create, and reader-friendly version. It's about simplicity and efficiency. Today there are many variations of lean business planning. Our solution combines a one-page business canvas with monthly cash flow projections -- an essential component of any credible business plan.

Lean Start Up

Participants will learn how to design and offer products and services that customers really want and willing to pay for. Instead of spending months planning and writing a long business plan, the Lean Startup approach involves experimentation by launching Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to find out what customers really want, quickly and with minimum investment.

Startup Financing

Participants will learn how to estimate the financing needs of their startups using cash flow projections. Different sources of financing will be discussed and the typical requiments for each type of financing will be explained. The increasingly popular approach of self financing or bootstrapping a business, especially relevant for internet based businesses, will also be presented.

Financial Literacy and Cash Flow

The average cash buffer of an SME is only 27 days and more than 80 percent of small business failures are caused by cash flow mismanagement. Financial literacy and skillful cash flow management including techniques for anticipating and avoiding cash flow shortages are critical to the survival of SMEs. Monthly cash flow projections are an essential tool for predicting and managing monthly cash flow fluctuations typical of SMEs.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

This module walks the participants through the process of constructing a Climate Canvas for their business. Climate canvas is a one-page actionable climate change mitigation and adaptation plan. The workshop starts with identifying relevant climate threats followed by assessing the business risks and then determining measures needed to protect assets and income streams. Particioants will also learn how investing in reducing their carbon footprint can generate financial returns by lowering energy costs, improving efficiencies, enhancing their reputation, and launching new climate-friendly products and services.

Quality Management

This module covers techniques for identifying opportunities for improving the quality of products and services based on the principles and methods of Lean Six Sigma. Entrepreneurs will learn how to reduce or eliminate process wastes, increase efficiency, and enhance quality. Approaches including the five S's and the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology will be explained with examples. This module will also cover the eight core principles of customer service.

Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is essential for increasing brand awareness, attracting customers, and boosting sals. Participants will acquire the skills needed to develop a website and Facebook business page, write and publish posts, launch targeted advertising campaigns, and measure the results. Participants will also learn how to get started with LinkedIn marketing which is especially important for B2B marketing. Content marketing strategies will also be covered.

Internet Based Businesses

The number of internet based businesses continues to grow rapidly given the increase in remote work and e-commerce. Participants will learn about the most common internet business models and the steps needed to launch an internet based business including selecting a platform, building a website, setting up a merchant account, implemeting product or service delivery, and developing a digital marketing strategy.

Micro SAAS Development

Small scale Software-as-a-Service applications that can be started by a small team (Micro-SAAS) offer tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in the tech space. This module will cover the steps needed to validate, build, and launch a micro-SAAS business as well as tech-stack selection, the Model-View-Controler framework, and other aspects of micro-SAAS development.

Digital Advantage

Leveraging digital solutions for scale, engagement, inclusion, and outreach.

Our modular approach enables us to tailor the program to different audience backgrounds and profiles. In all cases participating entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to apply these newly acquired skills and approaches to help them startup or improve their businesses. Below are descriptions of the main program modules.


Business Canvas App

A mobile friendly web app that enables entrepreneurs to develop their Business Canvas on the cloud and work on it anywhere as long as they have a mobile smart phone and an internet connection.The app is extremely simple to use and empowers entrepreneurs to create, visualize and optimize their business models for startup or expansion without wasting capital or overcomplicating their efforts.

Cash Flow Projections App

This cutting edge cash flow management web app enables users to enter their assumptions regarding operating, investing, and financing cash flows associated with their business startup or expansion and automatically calculates the net and cumulative cash flows while exposing future points of potential cash flow deficits. As time passes, actual amounts are entered and the projection period is automatically adjusted. No spreadsheets, formulas, and files to bother with.

Climate Canvas App

This web app enables users to compose and maintain their Climate Canvas on the cloud. Climate Canvas is a tool that businesses can use to efficiently develop a climate change mitigation and adaptation plan. Climate Canvas inspired by the simplicity of the Business Model Canvas, a tool that has revolutionized business modeling and planning. Like the Business Model Canvas, the Climate Canvas is a one-page template with nine building blocks.


The Consultant Company for Research & Technical Solutions, CCRTS is an Iraqi-owned international development company registered in Iraq in 2020. Our main office is in Hamdaniya district in Nineveh plain. We maintain other pop-up offices in Erbil, Mosul and Dohuk.

We specialize in private sector development, access to finance, sustainable livelihoods, third party monitoring and evaluation, training and capacity building, research, and web development services.

Our roster of consultants have decades of experience implementing successful projects for USAID, UNDP, UNICEF, and World Bank. Our private sector development team has mobilized over $300 million in financing for MSMEs, and have helped hunderds of SMEs in the Middle East improve performance and competitiveness.



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